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Rich. Robust. Reputable.

Growth Flag provides trusted insights and data to help you identify growing companies across all sectors of the economy. It’s a unique tool to underpin the development of a clear vision and strategy for a place. 

Local and Combined Authorities

Support your local and regional growth economies through effective targeting of resources. Gather valuable insights for successful bid development and policy making, and to foster innovation.  

Education and Training Providers

Develop curriculum and target businesses with apprenticeships, short courses and skills opportunities based on their specific needs. Support your careers and advice services teams and establish new sources of data for academic research.

Government Departments

Make effective policy decisions based on rich evidence and understanding of real economic drivers. Efficiently target resources, streamline processes and allocate funding appropriately using trusted data. 

Overseas Investment Agencies

Identify UK investment opportunities including companies and places that are driving economic growth, utilising data you can be confident in.