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Taking a look at growth clusters across Greater Manchester

  • Friday, June 9, 2023
  • Posted By The Growth Company
Growth Clusters GM Map

Growth Flag is an innovative and new data tool, with a vision of enabling a greater understanding of local place based economies. The map above, based on Growth Flag data, highlights the many clusters of businesses across Greater Manchester that have significant growth potential and that are likely to grow in the future.

It shows the importance of the urban core to the conurbation, where the greatest concentration of firms with growth potential is clear. Furthermore, what really stands out is how growth potential exists across Greater Manchester in many local areas and communities. The data shows it will come from firms in many different sectors, not just the frontier sectors but also in the foundational economy.

Growing businesses are central to economic growth and prosperity, productivity and levelling up, particularly when located in diverse communities, and it is critical they are supported in their growth efforts.

The vision of The Growth Company, one of the founding partners of Growth Flag, is for a society where economic growth and prosperity is inclusive, sustainable and leaves no person or community behind. The future we will help to create will be founded on the principle of ‘Good Growth’, with thriving businesses creating well-paid jobs for talented and empowered individuals across our diverse communities.

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