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Growth is everywhere - but how can you find it

  • Thursday, February 9, 2023
  • Posted By The Growth Company

Throughout all my roles in economic development, Growth Flag is the one tool that I wish had been available.

When I was developing new strategies I always wanted to have better data about the potential of businesses and places, I wanted to know what was really happening in a locality. Whenever I was analysing growth of a sector or place the sources always told me what had happened in the past but gave me very little insight to the future.

In my front line delivery roles I always wanted to get to the companies with growth potential as early as I could. Having set up the GC Business Growth Hub, kick-started The Growth Company sector programmes, introduced our innovation services and launched multiple programmes such as Global Scale Up, Greater Connected and many others….they were all successful but would have really benefited from Growth Flag.

The key to business support is getting the right solution to the right companies at the right time. There wasn't a tool out there that worked for me in any of the roles. So, we decided to build it.

The team have spent the past few years working with Red Flag Alert to create a solution that will not only help me and the teams at the Growth Company but also everyone involved in economic development and business growth.

It is also really useful for the education sector and private businesses who want to find those future growth businesses.

Following our successful launch at Convention of the North, we are hosting a regional roadshow in Birmingham on 21st March. If you’d like to attend to learn more about how Growth Flag can benefit your business, you can register your free place here.

Watch out for other Growth Flag blogs on what we set out to do, a bit about how we did it and, importantly, what it can do for you.